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A major reason for my silence, however was the fact that it wasn’t an ‘arrangee’ marriage. My sister sensed how depressed I was, and came back home. My mom kept asking what the problem was, but I kept saying nothing. Immediately she found out, counseling sessions started. And I believe if you know what to expect, then you will be ready for anything.‘Society’ is not random strangers on social media or in the bus, or at the bank.

Now I know I shouldn’t have allowed myself to be in that situation. Love does not make you go to bed wondering if you’re ‘the one’ or not. They were there for the occasional ‘you, you shareyed me abi?! Now I know I liked him because he was my idea of what the man on my arm should be.Dropped my phone for a while and picked it up to see about 30 missed calls. One day one of them ‘blocked’ him after Church and asked why he allowed me to still dress like a single girl and he told her because that is how he met me. I was comfortable with him, and after the ‘big boy’ saga, I was also very comfortable with us building our lives together from scratch.I’m not sure now, but I think that was the day I pounded yam for the first time in my entire life. Anyone who has known me my whole life will tell you I changed during that period.I started seriously dating again and eventually got introduced to another guy whom my friend at the time felt could curb my ‘stubborn ways’.The day we met for the first time, I didn’t have his time, because there was this guy I had been eyeing and by some stroke of luck, he asked if we could go outside to talk, away from people.

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