Depredating birds

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They are at a winter roost, where crows congregate from as far away as 20 miles.

Crows that breed near the roost site mix with migrants from thousands of miles away.

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They then leave or are kicked out of the parental territory, and the parents go about raising another brood.

The young and the parents may never see each other again.

American crows, at least in the southern and eastern parts of their range, maintain a territory year round, although they defend it less in winter.

Its genus name Corvus means crow, and the species name brachyrhynchos means "short beak," which it has, at least in comparison with its relative the raven.

Crows are members of the avian order Passeriformes, which comprises the songbirds or perching birds, such as robins, cardinals, and sparrows.

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