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He's the youngest of 5 (3 boys and 1 older girl named Kara).

Yellowandbox (talk) , 26 June 2008 (UTC) i don't think his personal life should really be included because people keep posting that he's dating so and so..it changes every day...he's single..even if he weren't its none of our buisness.

It is not necessary to obtain the permission of a copyright holder before linking to copyrighted material -- just as an author of a book does not need permission to cite someone else's work in their bibliography.

Likewise, Wikipedia is not restricted to linking only to GFDL-free or open-source content.

I was considering using the Wikipedia: Biographies_of_living_persons#Remove_unsourced_or_poorly_sourced_negative_material clause. Hackajar , 21 August 2006 (UTC) This page is a disaster.

Actual people aren't shocked by the idea of having to work to support themselves or to pursue a goal - and they don't expect their mummy and daddy to support them.

Hackajar , 5 December 2006 (UTC) dude he comes from Hawaiian roots so yaa yeah hes hawaiian. at the Disco Wikiproject here, to see how many people would be interested before starting one.

The project would be an effort by a group of Wikipedians to build and improve all Panic! Imdb said the same thing but they don't list sources so...

(i think, i hope) There should be alot of facts in his Personal Life section.

and btw whoever said this is a good bio site.it isn't...anyone can go in and change someone's profile This is what his personal life should say: "Lead frontman of the popular band Panic! Brendon Urie was born in Summerlin, Las Vegas on April 12, 1987 and is the youngest of five children.

He was raised Mormon, however, growing up he felt distant from his religion.

I think these should be included because on Jon's page it mentions both his brothers and pets.

Ayla Ranzz (talk) , 17 June 2008 (UTC) Ayla Ranzz Actually, Brendon is the youngest of 5, three older boys and an older sister named Kara.

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