Direct approach dating

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I’m Chris”Indirect approaches start a conversation without immediately signaling any interest.They indicate that you are simply talking to the woman because you’re a social person.Example: “Hi, could you tell me where Starbucks is?”Example: “I just have a second before I have to get back to my friends, but I was wondering… Well, in each successful approach (both direct and indirect), there is a breaking point at which the woman must decide if she’s interested in you or not.If you’ve swallowed this belief system, I assure you that you’ve been duped.This belief system stems from marketing, not truth.After all, they are easier, faster and require less thinking than indirect openers within the same context.However, for many guys, indirect openers will be the way to go in order to let your personality and humor shine for a few moments.

Ultimately, if you’re confident, good looking and have a great first impression, then you owe it to yourself to try direct openers.Within a few seconds of your opener, she’ll be forced to decide if she likes you or not as a potential mate based on the little information that she has. – Appearance – Body language – Tonality – Social status **Social status will only apply if she’s observed you beforehand in a social environment.If she notices you talking with the club owner, you’ll already have social status by the time you approach friend just broke up with his girlfriend a week ago, is it too early for me to be introducing him to my female friends? A woman won’t mind talking to an ugly stranger if he’s lost and looking for directions…”First, let me declare that both approaches work well. but she might not talk to an ugly stranger if she knows that he’s hitting on her and trying to get her back to his place.

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