Edit ms query without updating data

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The most important advantage of the query editor is that we can execute queries without the need to leave the Azure portal.

Say you get a call from a client and they tell you about some problems and SQL Server Management Studio is not installed on the nearest computer where you can solve the problem.

If you have a habit of using F5 to execute queries, you have to be careful because if you press F5 accidently in the query editor it will refresh the page and you will get the login screen and you will lose your query in the query editor.

In this section, we will demonstrate CRUD operations using the Adventureworks LT sample database for Azure.

Query editor is placed under the database main tab as shown below. On the left side, you can find an object explorer for tables, views and stored procedures.

On the top of the screen you can find buttons for settings.

In this tip we explored the SQL Database Query Editor pros and cons.

It is a very handy tool for some basic operations, but it still has some limitations and unsupported features.

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What happens, however, when there are more than 200 rows, and you can't get at the data you need through that simple context menu? You can alter the selection criteria of that result set.At first this error did not make sense and I did an internet search to find some details about this error and could not find any details.Finally I, posted a question and Grant Fritchey answered it and we decided the error is a sort of bug.If the Allow Access to Azure services option is off, you will get this error when you login with the query editor.Or you can enable the option with following system stored procedure in the master database.

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