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In the same survey, 85 percent of respondents believed that they were more than 85 percent compliant with the privacy standards, a drop from 91 percent of respondents the previous year.

In many organizations there is a problem that diminishes those resources: privacy and security compliance efforts are handled separately, lowering the efficient use of resources.

By acquiring, consolidating and integrating these well-managed businesses, these acquisitions will have greater access to the capital necessary to not only withstand the current economic challenges facing the energy industry but they will now have available maintenance and growth capital, cross-selling opportunities and the ability to leverage the client relationships into new sales opportunities when they emerge from this economic slowdown.

The Office of Web Communications within the Office of Public Affairs provides support services to help those who are creating and editing content on DHS public websites.

Privacy of electronic information would simply not be possible without technology safeguards.

Rules and obligations to protect health information cannot be enforced without effective access controls.

In this way, even though the security regulations are limited to e PHI, the privacy regulations call for security measures for protecting PHI, regardless of its form.

The lack of a coordinated approach undermines efforts to obtain the resources to monitor compliance, conduct periodical re-evaluations, and modify the security and privacy compliance program.

The close relationship between privacy and security is identified in the HIPAA regulations.

The relationship between security and privacy is exemplified by the development of electronic health records and other emerging technologies.

Security experts must work closely with privacy professionals to make certain that new technologies ensure the availability of e PHI to healthcare providers but only when authorized and in a manner that protects the confidentiality and integrity of information.

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