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If you have setup your SCCM environment with the Microsoft product, System Centre Endpoint Protection (SCEP) and have deployed the SCEP agent to your client computers the next task you need to complete is the creation of an Automatic Deployment Rule for the antivirus updates.

Automatic Deployment Rules as the name suggests, automate the deployment of updates and definitions to your environment.

If you download the update from the update catalog and install it, it installs successfully, but I don't want to have to patch all the servers manually.

If not, choose Download Software Updates from the Internet and click on Next. The Automatic Deployment Rule will run with all the settings you have selected.

If you ever wish to manually run the rule, right click it and choose run now.

You can set deadlines when things should install, maintenance windows when reboots and installation should occur and also the download of Windows updates ( you can specify products you would like updates to download for and what severity ie critical, important and security) and SCEP definitions without any manual intervention.

Open your SCCM 2012 console and navigate to Now specify a descriptive name for the Automatic Deployment Rule, a description that will easily identify what this ADR is for and then choose an appropriate template from the dropdown box (I have chosen the standard definitions updates).

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