Forts dating back to the 1800s

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We’re strewn across Nevada, Montana, and different parts of Idaho. One sister is now allergic to corn; another can’t handle lactose.

Gas is expensive and time off work is hard to come by; our simple homesteading techniques don’t offer much to carry us over state lines. Sugar makes the third sister sick, turning pumpkin and cherry pies into forbidden fruits.

“I grew the most amazing tomato ever and have nobody to share it with.

In Cape Verde, fish, rice, and fruit from free-growing mango trees dominated the cuisine.

People ate when and where they could and he lost a lot of weight while on the island. Several years later he studied linguistic anthropology and worked with the Owens Valley Paiute tribe to help revitalize and document their language.

In Lisbon, he said, cooks visited the market often.

The lady of the house was humiliated if she served day-old bread.

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