Free adult dating no credet card requard at all

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One thing we know about scammers — they want money, and they want it fast.

Like an idiot, I fell for this guy, but was careful never to give any personal information.

RIGHT NOW someone from Advance Cash America is trying to get me to pay 1 and telling me I will be taken to court and the papers have already been filed. I almost fell for it until they said to buy an i Tune card. He also says he has millions in the bank, big houses and fancy cars in Kentucky.Setting up your profile is fun because of the unique questions you’re asked, like what your ideal date would entail and whether you’d prefer to be weird or normal.You also answer these questions from the perspective of your ideal mate to ensure you are paired with compatible people.This person claims to be from Manhattan, New York and is stationed in Yemen.He is in the navy on s secret mission & claims to have been involved in recent strike on Syria! There were red flags that made me wonder, especially his use of the English language, like he didn’t use the proper words sometimes, but was very good at sweet talking his way out of any questions I would ask or change subject.

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