Funny speed dating questionnaire

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The fast nature of these speed dating events is simultaneously appealing and frustrating.

If you feel like you are hitting it off with someone, then you may wish that you could have more time with them.

You can get a feel for whether you might have a connection with someone and you just might wind up hitting it off with someone special.

Speed dating can be really fun but it can also be a little hectic, so you may be interested in speed dating advice to get the most out of the experience.

You might think that speed dating sounds somewhat similar to a mixer event, but they are different in several ways.

Getting a bit of advice might help to put your mind at ease, but you shouldn't stress out about the idea of speed dating.

You'll be given a certain amount of time to talk to a given person.

The time limit of the speed dates will be announced in advance, so you should have a good idea of the amount of time that you are working with.

If you wind up hitting it off with someone well during one of the speed dates, you can exchange phone numbers with them.

Some speed dating events will take away your cell phone before the event to promote social interaction, but exchanging numbers still shouldn't be too difficult.

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