Good questions to ask when dating online

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Often after I would ask a unique question, a client will say, “I've never thought about that before.” Once they ponder the question and their feelings about it, it can lead to a profound insight or an “ah ha” moment.

Even in social or casual settings, asking the right questions can stimulate deeper and more interesting conversations.

You learn a lot about someone when they share aspects of their childhood.

Questioning others also increases your understanding of others and improves your knowledge, as there is something new to learn from everyone.

This is a great question to invite sharing on a deeper and more vulnerable level.

Often defining moments come during profound life transitions like death, divorce, job loss, etc.

Although this is a morbid question, it does go right to the heart of what we want for ourselves.

At the end of our lives, how do we want to be remembered and what legacy do we want to leave?

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