Intimidating male actors

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It takes more than just a bad-ass mobster to make a “killer” Mafia movie.

The actor who portrayed Vito, Lino Ventura, was an Italian actor who has played a few Mafia roles.Anastasia was as brutal as it gets and was known as the “High Executioner”, and also well known for running the contract-killing gang called Murder, Inc.Anastasia didn’t have a large enough role in the movie Lucky Luciano: 10/10 Angelo Infanti as Lucky Luciano: 9/10 Angelo Infanto: 7/10 As the first official boss of the Genovese crime family, the real life Lucky Luciano is known as the “father of modern organized crime”.The actor who portrayed Valachi in the movie, Charles Bronson, was a well-known and popular actor at the time and was known for starring in tough-guy roles.He did what he could with the part and made Valachi appear as tough as he possibly could.

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