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And yes, Jack did end up married to Madison and they also followed the others to New York where Madison found success on Broadway and Jack became a coach at St. Hampton: Adrian and Omar are very happily married and perhaps the most successful financially out of the group.

He continues to revolutionize education, and she is finishing law school, and they have two of the cutest kids ever!

But Amy really didn’t just disappear, she made a great effort to get back to John as much as possible, and Ricky took him to New York whenever he could before moving there. Kathleen is a fund raiser for a church on the upper east side of Manhattan and Tom is the door man in their building and volunteers as a docent at the Natural History Museum.

MTV: What came about with the Grace, Jack, and Madison love triangle? BH: Well Grace is now in medical school, at NYU, and she’s very happy there, tired but happy, and she still manages to see her old friends whenever she can. MTV: Were Adrian and Omar able to stay together after moving to New York?

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He owns property there, he has friends and family there, he loves it. Ricky does have a knack for business and he and Leo are in the midst of creating a high end fast food chain.But they were a safe distance away over the Brooklyn Bridge, and she remained in the dorm for a few years. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights to help Ricky transfer and finish his degree, and Leo helped John as well!John started to school at a neighborhood kindergarten and continued in school there, walking distance for John and Grandpa George.(Brenda Hampton actually asked and answered this question): Could we ever bring the show back and do these stories? Our Amy has become so successful, we would not likely find her on the set of "Secret Life" again. Would fans watch a new "Secret Life" without her character?Would they kill off the character of Amy and have Ricky become a widower?

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