Jeremy bloom dating

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"I couldn't do anything wrong in the sport." Until, that is, he did.

Losing at the Olympics caused him to double down on the NFL Scouting Combine.

Standing at the start of the Olympic freestyle mogul course in Torino, Italy, he tapped his skis in anticipation.

The tips bounced over the edge of the hill, vibrating as though anxious to carve up the mountain themselves.

Nearby, a television commentator remarked that Bloom's dream was to win both an Olympic gold medal and a Super Bowl ring.

As an all-American football player, he saw his collegiate career put to a halt by the NCAA; then, sidelined by injuries, he spent a frustratingly brief period with the NFL. Now, the golden boy may have finally found his footing, in what once would have seemed an unlikely arena: entrepreneurship. 15, 2006, Jeremy Bloom was, quite literally, on top of the world.

He steamed over the first dozen moguls like a locomotive, legs pumping like pistons over the snowy mounds. He would get drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles but injure his hamstring in training camp.

He launched off the first jump, spinning 720 degrees in the air with his skis tucked perfectly perpendicular behind him, forming an "iron cross." Hitting the ground and plowing over the next five moguls, he looked unstoppable--until he hit the next one. In a futile attempt to catch up, he flew off the next jump--but crossed the finish line knowing it was all over. He would be released by two teams over two years and would never play in a regular-season pro football game.

Atop the course, he stretched his arms and exhaled.

Under the nighttime lights, the snow appeared icier than it had been during his daytime practice runs. The next 22.79 seconds altered Bloom's life in ways he's still trying to explain. without a medal and unleash his frustration on the NFL tryouts.

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