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Each temple is located in a different village, and is considered an abode of one of the Navagrahas.

However, the majority of these temples are dedicated to Shiva.

Using this mantra, in the asura war against devas, he revived the slain asuras. Devas prayed to Lord Siva for help, who swallowed up Sukracharya in a fit of rage.

The presiding deity Agneeswarar is the embodiment of Sukran. He had got the blessings from Lord Siva after severe penances.Lord Siva consumed the deadly poison (Ala Visham), thus giving rise to the name Alangudi to this sthalam and the Lord came to be called Aabathsagayar.Advantage on Thursday is that the raahu kaala is from to afternoon, this is an additional time.Sun God always occupies the central position amongst the all other grahas.His Vahana is Chariot with Seven horses and the color is red.

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