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Viewers quickly became obsessed with her love life and friendships, namely with BFF-turned-mortal enemy Heidi, and the cast members quickly became celebrities, dominating the pages of tabloids throughout the show's run and beyond.

While the show has paved the way for so many reality TV shows that have followed, fans still wonder: Was any of it real?

"We better have a camera on her close-up." Di Vello added in an interview, "We had Lauren in one room, Kristin in another.

We didn't want Lauren to see Kristin until we were on camera."Lauren, who was running late to another event, was annoyed to be kept at the wedding later than expected.

But the network did when Di Vello initially pitched his idea for the , but she was the one you connected with the most."After convincing MTV, Di Vello that had another task: getting Lauren's parents, whom he'd formed a relationship with during the two seasons of LB, to sign off on the idea.

"I said, 'You're going to fall down and you're going to get up 100 times in LA…we just want to be there when it happens, so let us come along.' I did that sell to the parents before I did it to her, because I met with them first," he explained.

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When she made her debut in 2009, Kristin was allegedly making ,000."The money was the reason I did it.'s Mischa Barton, Brandon Thomas Lee and Kaitlynn Carter, Jennifer Delgado and Ashley Wahler, the wives of Brody, Frankie and Jason.But before we can move forward, respect must be paid to the pop culture phenomenon that was, following Lauren (aka "LC" in her earlier TV days) as she left the beach behind for Hollywood's hot spots as she tried to break into the fashion world.I got caught up trying to be someone I'm not...someone that the audience and the producers wanted.I was just being more and more unnatural." At the height of its popularity, especially during the apex of the Lauren vs.

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