Les art intimidating life

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But if you spot Eric Fischl with a camera in hand, beware.

One recent Sunday, the sixty-six-year-old painter steered his red Ford Flex along the back roads of Long Island’s East End, toward the Art Southampton fair, which takes place in a large tent behind the Elks Lodge.

With their special edition binding, I always feel that I can read it.

My book reading lately has been limited to five hundred pages.- with over fourteen hundred pages, this monster of a book has been walked to the counter of Barnes and Noble many times.

“I figure people can go to the art fair and then come to my show and see what they look like at the art fair,” Fischl said, as he turned into the parking lot.

Encountering a bottleneck, he backed up—directly into a silver Jaguar.“Ah, shit,” he said.

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Fast forward a few editions later, and it is still on the shelf at the book store.

A petite woman in white Versace jeans emerged from the Jag.“I don’t think you did too much here,” she said cheerfully.

They exchanged phone numbers, and Fischl made his way into the tent. He caught sight of a woman in a floral jumpsuit: “Look at this dress. He himself wore rimless glasses, Nantucket red shorts, and an East Hampton Indoor Tennis T-shirt.

I enjoy how every week this group brings the book community together. This week's question asks: What are your Top 5 Most Intimidating Books?

Our moderators are You Tubers, Lainey (Ginger Reads Lainey) and Samantha (Thoughts On Tomes).

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