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The very first thing I noticed was the quality of the women on this app. But what made day one interesting was that in just the first 30 swipes of using bumble I managed to yield 11 matches!

Honestly speaking, that’s more matches than I’ve mad on Tinder in over one year.

Nothing is more frustrating for guys one dating apps when your inbox looks like this after days of heavy usage: With one day remaining, I decided to stay patient and keep pushing for some dates.

I continued playing this dirty little swipe for likes game.

I mean why would they swipe right on me if they had no intention of meeting me IRL let alone send a message to see if the honey was compatible?

Feeling annoyed, but still hopeful, I focused my energy on the 3 women who had in fact “made the first move” on me.

Obviously the first step was to upload some quality pictures of myself.

This wasn’t the case and those 13 matches were gone for good.

My sweet precious bees decided my honey wasn’t the right flavor for them.

At this time I began having conversations with 3 of my matches who sent me an initial message. Although I managed to make another match happen on this day, I had noticed since day 1 the amount of matches I was yielding was significantly decreasing each day at a time which I found rather bit bizarre considering how I made 16 on day one! The “enthusiastic” women who I had been hopeful exchanging messages with back and forth slowly started evolving into quiet little ghosts one person at a time.

I’m not sure if this is an internal tactic bumble uses to boost retention rate, but either way I wasn’t going to let my mission end here. Most of my conversations started looking like this: I began losing hope in scoring any dates.

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