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Although tuition is higher for these non-resident students, their tuition is subsidized by New York State taxpayers.

There is a large variety of colleges in the SUNY system with some overlap in specialties between sites.

SUNY is governed by a State University of New York Board of Trustees, which consists of eighteen members, fifteen of whom are appointed by the Governor, with consent of the New York State Senate.

The sixteenth member is the President of the Student Assembly of the State University of New York.

SUNY divides its campuses into four distinct categories: university centers/doctoral-granting institutions, comprehensive colleges, technology colleges, and community colleges.

SUNY also includes statutory colleges, state-funded colleges within other institutions such as Cornell University and Alfred University.

The Board of Trustees appoints the Chancellor who serves as SUNY Chief Executive Officer.

The first colleges were established privately, with some arising from local seminaries.

But New York state had a long history of supported higher education prior to the creation of the SUNY system.

Dewey, through legislative implementation of recommendations made by the Temporary Commission on the Need for a State University (1946–1948). Young, who was at the time Chairman of General Electric.

The system was greatly expanded during the administration of Governor Nelson A.

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