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I first met Courtney Kerr when she was in the midst of filming Most Eligible Dallas for Bravo TV in early 2011.

Drew Ginsburg, a fellow cast mate, had reached out to me early on in the show’s development and we had established a friendly text banter.

You’ve heard people talk about how you have to have the “it factor” to make it in Hollywood. From her big hair to her big mouth to her larger than life personality, you either love her or hate her. Apparently Bravo executives also saw something special in Kerr and it wasn’t too long after MED had wrapped that they began to talk to her about a spinoff. In an earlier interview dated August 12, 2012, she told me, “I am so humbled that Bravo would choose to develop a show around me. In an ensemble cast, if something isn't working you can say 'Oh, maybe they didn't like the chemistry between this person and that person. " The show was initially slated to be called Courtney Does Dallas, but Courtney's Mother (affectionately known as Mama Kerr) didn't like the connotation that the name gave and thus it was ultimately reworked into a more suitable title and Courtney Loves Dallas (CLD) was born. Locals began to whisper that perhaps this show would never see the light of day.

And I think that’s the difference between a show that’s about one person and a show that’s about six people. outside of my spray tan and gel nails and eye lashes. do not do a reality tv show because that stuff will come out! CK: This city has embraced me and made me feel welcome – even before all the reality tv started – so I would never want to do the city any injustice because it’s been so good to me. I also love La Duni – I would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For me, brunch is more about the experience and going over the stories from the night before. CK: I love Milk & Honey on Henderson – the price point is fantastic.

With MED, there were 6 different characters and they had to figure out a way for those lives to crisscross. OSC: So are you saying that we will see some skeletons revealed on CLD? I show the city how I see it through my eyes and I think a lot of young professionals who live here will see it that same way. I love Forty Five Ten – I can’t afford anything in there, but I love it. Bartlett in West Village is a favorite because it’s quick and easy.

And I think it’s tough being my age and being single, because if you meet a single guy, you’re like, “Okay, you’ve dated a friend who’s dated a friend, and I know everything already about you and I’ve never shook your hand.” So it’s tough. People that like me, that were fans of me on And regarding Matt Nordgren’s appearance: “Matt does make an appearance, and I think people will be shocked — I think people are expecting one thing when it comes Matt and I’s relationship, but I think, um, I think people in Dallas are going to be high-fiving me the next day after they see Matt Nordgren’s appearance.” Oooh that sounds juicy!

For those of us trying (and failing) to wean ourselves from the Bravo teat and get back to more intellectually stimulating programming, I have some good news!

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