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This mean that if a newer S-DAT are in the local update share or on the Mc Afee FTP site the agent will pull down the new S-DAT and upgrade.

No need to schedule any Upgrade tasks anymore :)AVDude Opps...

So instead of updating in each of them using dat file individually I tried to create a shared folder in server, and created a UNC in site repository.

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In the Server Events, all it says for that client is Push Agent install program to \computername failed. This is needed for the e PO agent to find the workstation.

All tasks communicated from e PO to the agents will be carried out on the same rights as above, the agent will use the rights of the account in e PO, or in your case the account defined when the agent was created.

You have in Virus Scan 4.5.1 the possibility to select "Update scanning engine if newer scanning engine exists".

If this fails, the agent will use the account defined when the agent installation file was created.

Regarding to your problems when trying to install a new S-DAT, what version of Virus Scan are u using?

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