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In the year 2001, as assassin Mandy, she appeared in the first three episodes of 24.

Again in the same year, she appeared in Not Another Teen Movie as Catherine Wyler, The Cruelest Girl in School.

Mia was very pretty and talented since her childhood days who dreamed of being an actress since her young days.

She starts out as the wide-eyed Midwesterner with a boyfriend, but finds a way to be the center of lesbian drama.

The original series, which followed the lives of queer women in Los Angeles and ran from 2004 to 2009, has continued to captivate viewers after it ended.

And while, as Kristin Russo and Reise Bernard point out in their podcast , some things about the first six seasons make us roll our eyes (such as, in my opinion, everything Jenny says or does), there are a lot of things we still love: Holland Taylor’s charismatic, wealthy Peggy Peabody, for one.

Sadly some serious problems started to occur in their dealings, and it broke it. For some years, Sammy Winward did not come in the news because of her personal life.

She is not married and does not have a husband now. However, a while after, she got engaged in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jonas Armstrong--the star of the movie And again, in 2009, she was spotted dating a mystery man at the Leeds Hospital after her breakup with Jonas.

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