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Dunlop also holds the TT Superbike Lap record of .254 averaging at 133.393mph in 2016.

Michael Dunlop revving his BMW S 1000 RR as it makes a wheelie.

Michael’s father, Late Robert Dunlop also lost his life in the crash while racing in 15th May 2008.

Unfortunately, on the 7th of July, Michael’s younger brother William Dunlop was announced dead after a tragic accident in County, Dublin.

He also had a victory in the 2012 event in the Classic Superbike race at the Manx Grand Prix.

Here’s a table representing Michael Dunlop’s total winning in some of the racing competitions e took part in.

In 2008 he decided to join in last minute and incredibly secured the 10th position in Senior TT with the fastest lap of 124.773, making him the fastest Dunlop around the TT course.

Only in 2009, Michael’s maiden TT Victory came when he won the second Supersport Race.

Being a motorcycle racer and having a crash is not much of a big deal until and unless it’s serious.

Not just the winner but all the competitors who have participated in it takes home some amount of money if they are able to complete the race.

Michael has won the race 15 times, so we can only imagine how much money must he have acclaimed till now.

Michael aka Maverick comes from a dynasty of magnificent bike riders.

Brother of late William Dunlop, son of Late Robert Dunlop and nephew of Joey Dunlop King of the mountain course, former Michael is the current lap holder of the outright category with an average speed of 133.962mph / 215.591km/h onboard BMW S 1000 RR set in 2016.

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