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I’m thinking particularly of the way the web and its platforms, economies, and media are built predominantly upon advertising—and how journalism has been folded into this media landscape, to its detriment, and at a time when it’s never been more needed.

My hope doesn’t lie in the way we develop the internet so much as in the way we learn to compensate for its effects out here in the real world.

Eventually, though, Facebook will create such a walled garden that people will come to realize it is not the equivalent of the internet. And those of us who have remained on the open Internet will become really interesting to people again.

So it’s really a matter of time, and of not feeling oh-so compelled to participate in the Borg for a sense of existence.

Rushkoff has mastered the lecture game too—he is often invited to speak to many of the same tech executives he pillories—and has a knack for the tweetable aphorism (“The more you touch your phone, the smarter your smartphone gets about you and the dumber you get about it.”).

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” now it’s at the level of, “is science real or the work of the devil?

All the stuff you’ve externalized is going to come back.” No, you probably don’t want to invite Rushkoff to your startup party.

Over the better part of three decades he’s been pulling back the curtain on the economy, in a smorgasbord of media: not only in books and articles and radio but in documentaries, a format that doesn’t easily accommodate topics like branding or smartphone addiction or an economy built around capital growth and competition rather than sustainability and cooperation.

Yeah, well, that’s part of the reason I started the show. The thing that surprised me—the thing I’m working through now—is this whole idea of guaranteed minimum income.

The main thing I’m getting is deluged by people looking for specific answers. I make a pretty strong case for it in the book: In a society with abundant resources, people deserve food, housing, and medical care. But I spent some time at Uber, and I heard my guaranteed minimum income argument come back to me but from their lips, and it sounded different.

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