Msn not updating

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For those who keep track of the daily news via Microsoft’s MSN News app on i OS devices, including i Phone, the company has released an update to its app.

To fix this flaw, we’re going to need to rename configuration file, and Weather app will probably work fine again.

In Store on Settings turn on "Only update the tile when i'm on Wi-Fi" then Activate Location from Action Center (Win A keys), turn Weather live tile on and wait a sec,. You probably have update automatically turned on, and so your messing in the Store for a while triggered the update that fixed it. I found out that if you Set a custom Scaling level (display settings) then live tiles in big and wide mode wont work anymore. I made letters larger and its a good solution to obtain live tiles for weather and news in win10.

There was an app update to Weather last night (I believe around 7PM Eastern or so, though there were a lot of updates pushed out yesterday for core apps) that fixed it.

in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; Anybody else's Weather App refusing to update?

Mine's been showing the same temperature and conditions for the last 3 days.

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