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If you're experiencing the first problem, chances are you're the victim of a Sony defect.

The drives only last on average 1-3 years with average use, sometimes less.

But you are not supposed to shut it off from the back switch, I know it has broken PS3s for a few users on this forum - and it warns of this in the manual.

I don't know what the difference is between a powerout and the backswitch, but I assume the PS3 has some internal power to safely shut off. One machanic says, its due to problems of harddisk!!!

Should i turn the main power off, or will that mess up my Ps3.

I mean you could turn the PS3 off from the back if you felt like it, it's just that there's a chance the system may malfuction.

So that after you turn off via the power button on the front if you aren't going to be using it for a while you can kill the power to the system so that you don't add kilowatt hours to your electric bill. The switch on the back is actually there so you can turn your PS3 off all together so its not even in standby mode.

Kan now one help me Actually mine has lasted through a few for some reason.

I have a surge protector though, but mine has lasted through powerouts.

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