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The other group of waiters were told to mirror their customers simply by repeating their orders back to them.The waiters who used the mirroring got a staggering 70% larger average tip than those who used positive reinforcement.The most sound theory of reasoning states that this is because spiders are so unusual compared to ourselves.Snakes, octopodes and other creatures that are so different from ourselves are often subject to fear. If you turned around and there was a big purple octopus between you and the door, would you pick it up and move it out of the way, or would you prefer someone else did that for you? The point is, the more different something/someone is from ourselves, the more we fear it.On an unconscious level, this builds trust and rapport.A favourite author of mine, Professor Richard Wiseman, carried out a study which involved waiters using mirroring and matched it against waiters using positive reinforcement. The waiters were told to take orders from their tables, with one group of waiters using positive reinforcement "sure, no problem, great" etc in response to each order.which has allowed me invaluable experiences regarding the seduction techniques I’ll share with you shortly (keep reading). And I’m going to open the kimono and show you the real deal on how to seduce women – it will blow your mind, I promise.David was recently single after a string of (disastrous! He told me he’d devoured every Pickup Artist (or more popularly known as “PUA”) book possible. If you’re expecting more of those Pickup Artist gibberish, well, what you’re going to read next will surprise (and delight) you. ow, of course, I wasn’t going to dish out any old junk advice to David.

Before you go and start mimicking someone's every word, be aware that mirroring must be subtle as to appear to be unconscious!

Mirroring, while considered part of the NLP syllabus, has been used innately by people throughout history.

Even chimps (which I believe are our genetic ancestors) use mirroring within their groups.

If you mimick somebody's accent, it is immediately raised to conscious levels and becomes inconducive to good communication and rapport.

Just while we're on the subject, spiders are often the subject of phobia.

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