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In recent years, there have been several published case studies where significant human dietary radiocarbon reservoir effects were reported.This presents both a challenge and opportunity: a challenge since diet stable isotope studies become necessary for the establishment of accurate radiocarbon-based chronologies when relying on human remains and an opportunity since radiocarbon can increasingly be employed as a dietary proxy to detect the intake of aquatic foods. showed that Eneolithic to Iron Age individuals from the Minusinsk Basin (Russia) have stable isotope values which could be consistent with freshwater fish intakes.Throughout the years, the introduction of novel isotopic proxies refined and expanded the existing knowledge on past environments and human activities.Such developments allowed for and were motivated by a growth of archaeological research topics.Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg, Sr, Zn), measured in mineral samples of bone and teeth, in diet reconstruction studies. 2500 cal BC towards the higher incorporation of C4 plant foods.

Essential to isotopic studies of diet and mobility is the understanding of how isotopic signals are transferred from the environment (e.g. This is often determined through animal and human feeding experiments. discuss the impact, for different parameters, that has to be considered when interpreting oxygen stable isotope ratios measured in human teeth and bones.

Also, studies that identify the importance of other effects (e.g. Each human tissue has specific formation times and isotopic offsets towards oxygen pools.

Furthermore, heating, through cooking, modifies the isotopic ratio of consumed water and foods.

However, radiocarbon dating of paired human and fauna overall showed an absence of significant dietary reservoir effects lending validity to previously proposed chronologies.

The interpretation of dietary or mobility reconstructions based on a limited number of isotopic proxies may remain ambiguous.

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