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Anyone else who wants to discuss chris reach out to me at [email protected] - it's been 2 years when mine asked me to pick him up at the airport on Valentine's Day.

Phil Richard or Phil Richards asked to move to Google hangout but made a rooky mistake, as the user name was M Johnston, and he claimed it was a colleague.

He will also use his daughter to try to get money out of you.

We chatted via wechat and he sent me numerous lengthy love emails.

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ED: You are welcome Hi, your Clarkson sounds like my Mike.He sounds just like Charles Bothmann, always told me he would find the money so I didn’t have to come up with it all either.Called me his sunshine, I love you always and forever.He would also close a chat by saying ‘soft kisses and hugs’.Asked for my help initially to get a phone card to call his son, then another card to make phone calls to arrange workers to come assist him in the repairs.

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