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Inspired by the movie , and using her settlement money from Emma Willard School, Sullivan rented the billboards: one in Albany, near the Emma Willard School; one in Fairfield, Connecticut, near a school where the perpetrator later taught; and the final one in Springfield, Massachusetts, close to the town in which he lives today. NEITHER ARE YOUR CHILDREN.” Former Emma Willard student Kat Sullivan is paying for billboards to help warn of her rapist/former teacher.The billboards read “My rapist is protected by New York State Law. She’s also using them to show support for the Child Victims Act.Child sexual abuse is a particularly traumatic experience, and it can take years to find the courage and strength to confront an abuser.This is why survivors and their advocates have been pushing for extended statute of limitations for years—in spite of stiff resistance from defense attorneys, perpetrators and the institutions that support them, like the Catholic Church.The alleged victim, who CNN is not naming, exercised his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in a July 8 pre-trial hearing focused on the disappearance of a cell phone he used the night of the alleged assault and questions about whether he deleted text messages.Spacey's defense team claimed exculpatory evidence may have been deleted from the phone before it was given to police and prosecutors.

Epstein survivor Jennifer Araoz filed one of the first suits under the new law against the Epstein estate, his longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell and three unnamed household staff members.

Courts sometimes also order punitive damages—money awarded to the survivor to punish the perpetrator.

Civil suits have been an effective tactic used by child sex trafficking survivors, as documented in Kate Nace Day’s film But short statutes of limitations have always been a problem for survivors wanting to bring civil lawsuits—especially for people sexually abused as children.

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For years, child survivors of sexual abuse have been blocked from suing their perpetrators for damages by laws requiring these lawsuits be filed within a short period of time.

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