Non muslim man dating muslim women jordan todosey dating

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What People Say: Traditional Thought Traditionally, the answer has been no, the reverse situation cannot be assumed for Muslim women.

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The first is that a differentiation is made between non-Muslim “People of the Book” (those of the Judeo-Christian faith) and non-Muslim polytheists.

The next point is that men are permitted to marry chaste Muslim, Jewish or Christian women when certain duties are upheld.

We generally accept this at face value as our right to marry.

We also accept from this that though Muslim women are not directly addressed, if Muslim men are given permission to marry Muslim women then naturally, Muslim women can marry Muslim men.

The Qur’an does not provide further guidance on whether Muslim women can marry men “of the Book.” The Issue This leads us to the issue at hand – can we assume that the reverse is true for Muslim women marrying Judeo-Christian men?

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