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George smiled.“You shouldn’t be such a tease,” he replied. I was feeling in a frisky mood, having downed three wine coolers.“Do y’all have a cottage?” George asked.“No,” I replied with Sarah replying at the same time, “Yes.”George looked confused.I wasn’t judgmental, because her lifestyle was simply her choice and besides, I had Jeff. She had a great fashion sense and she was fun to be around.A few weeks back, Sarah invited me to go with her to a nudist resort.

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I told Sarah she needed to hold up on the lotion.“Control yourself,” Sarah remarked, as she took note of my staring. “My name is Jamie.”“No,” He replied, “Your name is Jessica and you work in accounting.”Double the “oh NO! He was the last person I would have figured to ne a nudist.

One of the guys walked over to where Sarah and I were laid out on the chase lounge chair, on our stomachs.“Is your name, Jessica? From my vantage point, All I could see was his thick cock, which hung lazily down between two chiseled thighs. ” I asked Sarah, who by now had turned about four shades of red.“We’re old party buddies,” Sarah replied, “What a small world!

”I could see the blood vessels pulsating in George’s cock as it hung limply between his legs. He had a great looking well-toned body, the result, I was sure of a lot of hard work and exercise.“Actually,” George replied, “I am a Greek God and there’s little work that I have to do.”Modesty was not one of George’s strong suits.“You’ve got the body of a Greek Goddess,” George remarked as he sat in front of me, sipping on a beer.

Sarah was happy that I had a boyfriend, and thankfully, she wasn’t the jealous type.

I valued my relationship with Sarah, because she was my sounding board when it came to real serious issues in life and because, like I said, she made me feel like a queen.

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