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I don’t know who that guy is.”That brings us to “Howard Stern Comes Again,” a new 549-page collection of his radio interviews that he hopes marks his evolution from an impatient and often nasty blabbermouth to a master conversationalist.Miserable and disappointed, fearing how his three daughters would view him, Stern began seeing a psychotherapist four days a week. Do me a favor,” writes Howard Stern, “and burn them.” Incredible as it may seem, Stern is a new man, and with “Howard Stern Comes Again,” he wants you to know it.The former bad boy of talk radio, the enfant terrible whose name was synonymous with leering chauvinism, has somehow morphed into an avuncular presence.Because when Stern did get an actual celebrity in the studio, he often blew it.Listen to him barely coax a chuckle out of Eddie Murphy. As he sees it, the old Howard was an insecure narcissist so terrified his audience would turn the dial that he bullied his guests to either submit or flee. He wore a buttocks-baring “Fartman” costume to the MTV Video Music Awards. And yet today, that version of Stern makes him “cringe.”“I tried to watch some of my old Letterman (appearances), Stern said on a recent morning during an interview at his Sirius/XM radio studio. In the forward, Stern dismisses his previous two bestsellers, 1993’s “Private Parts” and 1995’s “Miss America.” He also distances himself from his previous persona.

The fruits of Stern’s transformation are the 37 interviews in this book.

This is a man who did incalculable damage during his barbarian days – are we ready to forgive him? Today’s cultural landscape, bracingly, often calls upon each of us to practice a kind of moral calculus in affairs of public reputation.

These matters are ineluctably complex and subjective, and in this, at least, “Howard Stern Comes Again” is perfectly of its time.

In 1999, Alison and her ex-husband Howard started living separately, and their relationship was legally called off in 2001.

On the other side, Howard then took a little time to move on from his divorce with wife of more than 20 years.

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