Outlook meeting tracking not updating 2016 validating web site slow

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A popular security measure is "two-step" or "two-factor" verification.

This is a method of signing in by entering your password then you receive a text message with a second verification code.

The expectation is that only you will have access to your phone and the code proves it is you.

It works pretty good and is not overly annoying when you use web mail, provided you don't clean out the cookies when you close the browser.

For instance; I’m reading a message now which holds relevant information for this week. I know that if I somehow do not mark this message, it will stay in my mailbox a whole lot longer and I’ll need to reread the message in order to decide whether to keep it or not.

How can I mark a message, similar to flagging a message, as “irrelevant” after a certain date?

Note: When the option isn’t listed, the feature hasn’t been enabled for you.This will take you to OWA where you can manage which Retention Tags show up in your Assign Policy list.On occasion, it could happen that message tracking is not working correctly and responses are not automatically recorded in Outlook.Outlook makes it simple to modify a one-time or recurring meeting or cancel a meeting.You may even call the process “intuitive,” for it does follow a logical progression of steps.

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