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I said, “Of course.” I didn’t think I’d be coming out. My father found an email correspondence of me planning a date with another male student, very innocent. I was just coming to terms with the fact that I was bisexual, which culturally I do identify with as a gay man — I am attracted to girls, I’m just attracted to guys much more. Paul’s conclusion: “All these litte homos need to stop killing themselves because it does get better! I went to the Professional Performing Arts school in Manhattan. I had to feign heterosexuality for a couple of years. I was older and able to address it from a different perspective. ran for two seasons on MTV and told the story of a high school sophomore who becomes popular because of his abnormally large penis.In the second season episode "Steamy Surprise," RJ discovers that Max (played by Jayson Blair), a popular jock and bully on the show, is secretly gay when he sees him in the locker room showers making out with another guy.The duo “navigate the world of online dating as they search for their versions of ‘Mr. Najimy will play a neighbor, with Iacono playing a potential love interest for Reilly. Najimy is represented by Abrams Artists Agency and Iacono is repped by Michael Einfeld Management. —an abbreviation for “Gay Best Friend”—tells the story of three competitive prom-queen aspirants in an upscale suburban high school, who decide they need a gay best friend to act as arm candy and sidekick to advise them on their outfits and listen to them prattle on. Willett, , about a group of performing arts high school students who make their own web series. I was still attracted to girls and stuff, so I went back to dating girls. IACONO: I had leukemia when I was 8 to 11 years old. IACONO: I was in a community theater production of as Tiny Tim. When I first got on chemo, my body had a horrible reaction. I believe that in 100 years, none of us will be having to identify ourselves as gay, straight, bi, or otherwise.

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“I believe that in 100 years, none of us will be having to identify ourselves as gay, straight, bi, or otherwise,” he said.

RJ is in love with the girl Max was dating but still promises he won't tell anyone until Max is ready to come out.

(Eventually, RJ does tell that one girl, Jenny.)Check out an old trailer for the show to evoke memories of Iacono.

The “Veep” star joins the indie comedy alongside Kathryn Erbe (“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”), James Le Gros (“Girls”) and Paul Iacono (MTV’s “The Hard Times of RJ Berger”).

Roma serves as writer-director on the project, which is about the close bond between a single mother (Erbe) and her gay son, played by newcomer Patrick Reilly.

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