Piolo pascual dating mark bautista

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natatawang sabi ni Paolo na mas lalo pang umalingawngaw ang tawanan ng mga kaharap niya sa venue ng presscon.Should he be given a chance to choose a leading man for a future film, Paolo Ballesteros said it would be Piolo Pascual. But he prefers doing something with a dash of comedy, like the acclaimed “Die Beautiful,” which won for him the best actor trophy at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival. Eventually, he falls in love with the daughter (Yam) of the couple who saved him.

Ayon sa kanya, it spread like wildfire, but he kept his silence and allowed himself to be hurt by all the rumors.

Doon natulog si Mark sa house ng friend niya and they became intimate (once again).

The next day, nalaman ito ng nobya ng friend niya dahil nagduda ito sa kanilang dalawa.

Ayon sa kanya, they kept their distance ng friend niya for most of the night until umalis ang sister nito at girlfriend doon sa party.

The two of them got so drunk and ended up going home together.

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