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Flight cachets, more or less elaborate rubber-stamps on an envelope indicating on which flight (typically a first flight) a cover has traveled via air mail, are in addition to the postmark and are not postmarks either. This is set to stamp the day's date in the middle and the park's name and location around the edge like many postmarks, though it is not used for postage purposes.There are many clubs devoted to the hobby of collecting postmarks.The postmark is often considered as an official confirmation that a cover (letter, packet, etc.) mailed item was mailed at a given location at a specific date.For example, the date of the postmark can be quite important.In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service will still consider income tax returns as filed on time though it receives them late if they are postmarked on time, and this date (with, perhaps, other proofs of mailing), may have significance as regards legal filings and proofs of service (though in this case the date may viewed as "on time" if the date of the postmark is no more than one day after the date service is supposed to have been made).A postmark should not be confused with the killer which are lines, bars, etc. Neither should a postmark be confused with overprints generally, or pre-cancels (stamps that have been cancelled before the envelope or package to which they are affixed is submitted or deposited for acceptance into the mailstream, they most commonly have taken the form of a pre-printed city name on the stamp) specifically, which generally do not indicate a date. national parks also have a postmark-like inked rubber stamp available to stamp into a book of park stamps (the Passport To Your National Parks) or a postcard, or any piece of paper.While postmarks are applied almost universally by or under the authority of the official postal department, service, or authority in the United States it is possible to receive a permit to apply your own postmark, called a Mailer's Permit Postmark These include the so-called fancy cancels of United States to modern machine postmarks.Fewer postmarks are used now than previously, with the advent of meter labels, some types of computer vended postage, and computerized postage that people can print from their own PCs (called PC Postage in the United States, these services were offered by such companies as and Neopost, Inc.).

In particular, the stamps issued by the Empire of Austria during the 1850-1867 period (the 5 issues before the Austro-Hungarian compromise of 1867), are collected for their variety and beauty.Postmarks may be applied by hand or by machines, using methods such as rollers or inkjets, while digital postmarks are a recent innovation.The local post Hawai'i Post had a rubber-stamp postmark, parts of which were hand-painted.The majority of postmarks today are in black, with red (particularly in the United States with local post offices' handstamps) following, though sometimes they are in other colours.This is particularly true in the case of pictorial postmarks if the colour in question has some connection to the commemoration.

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