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I’m not begrudging women who demand that their partners make as much as or more than they do.

Most reasons I’ve heard are perfectly reasonable; money is very important.

When I took to Twitter several days ago to ask my female followers if they would date a man who earns less money than they do, all replied, “Yes.” In fact, many of them balked at my claims that I have a hard time dating because of my income.

I’ve also been told that my background in Russian affairs and European wanderlust lead many black women to assume that I only date white women. (At the egging on of my former boss, I wrote a funny piece about my type of woman called “Sophistiratchet” a few years ago that I encourage you to read, if you have a sense of humor.) Most women are also shocked that I’ve gone as long as five years without sex.

Perfect – and the least imperfection derails things.

Met an attractive black woman a few weeks ago on a website who lived locally.

Being a man doesn’t make that any less challenging.

Hate to tell this guy, but even making substantially more than some professional black women I’ve gone out with – it can be difficult.

After exchanging mails back and forth she asked for my real name.

Obviously to do a background check, which is not that uncommon with professional women in DC.

Complaints about men taking advantage of their financial status pervade most conversations I hear over why many women prefer to only date men who are their economic equals.

For the record, I’d have no issue dating women who earn more than I do, and I’m not exclusively pursuing women with deep pockets, so don’t tweet me your foolishness.

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