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Firstly, Dan set about trying to determine if people’s calluses do indeed get thicker when they don’t wear shoes.

To do this, he studied the feet of a population of people in Kenya, some of whom never wear shoes, some that wear them infrequently and some that wear them all the time.

By changing how fast the probe vibrated and seeing when people could feel it, he could measure the sensitivity of nerves on their feet called mechanoreceptors.

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Host: Benjamin Thompson And hearing about the feelings in your feet. Interviewer: Nick Howe Many years ago, on a podcast – the name of which I’ve long forgotten – I heard that wearing shoes may be bad for you, which, at the time, made a kind of sense to me.

After several months, I had discovered a couple of things: one is that no shoes, no service is definitely still a thing and two, that not wearing shoes gets easier with time.

At first, I spent more time hopping in pain than walking, but eventually I could easily stride across all manner of materials without discomfort.

Anatomically modern humans, they have been around for maybe 100,000 to 200,000 years, so in the grand scheme of things, we have developed into who we are today without shoes at all.

It’s only much later that we decided, for whatever reason, we wanted to wear shoes.

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