Psycology in dating

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Some patients with specific conditions (such as command-based hallucinations “telling them” to commit acts) are at increased risk, but actual acts of violence are rare.

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Our memories actually represent a distorted version of what happened, and they change over time.

One of the most infamous studies in psychology, the Stanford Prison Experiment conducted in 1971, involved student participants being allocated to the role of prisoner or guard, and it had to be aborted when the guards became abusive.

Philip Zimbardo who led the study said it showed how certain situational dynamics can turn any of us bad, and this meme of “bad barrels” rather than “bad apples” has entered the public consciousness.

A recent survey of British teachers found that over 96 per cent believed in this principle.

In fact, psychology research shows consistently that people do not learn better when taught via their preferred modality, and that instead the most effective modality for teaching usually varies according to the nature of the material under study.

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