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There are all different variations of the big bang, but the idea is that at one point something exploded and these galaxies…and they say it all came from matter that may have been compressed smaller than the head of a pin, and it exploded and expanded.Can you throw a bomb in a junkyard and get a Boeing 747 or the space station? The word of God can produce things, but there may not have been a bang. I got a signal so we made all our calls standing on top of our ATVs on top of a mountain. No matter how you arranged the bombs would they ever produce one of these? The interesting thing about this is it’s a combination of three or four things.

Evolution is a religion that does not give satisfactory answers which is not a fact but a theory.The message this morning is going to be titled very simply “Evolution, Creation, and Logic” and we’re going to talk about one of the philosophies or themes, an underlying teaching that has done a lot to erode faith in God’s word and create confusion in our society. I will submit to you that there is no conflict between science, real science and biblical faith, that there’s a perfect harmony that exists there, but everywhere you turn in our culture and it’s now becoming more worldwide in its scope there is a teaching of the theory of evolution that is being pushed and if you resist that you’re looked upon as uneducated or ignorant.It is in essence a religion of evolution, in my opinion.For one thing, first reason I’d like to offer for you is we are surrounded by evidence of intelligence and design. Evolutionists believe in spontaneous generation, that single cells of life began on their own in warm puddles without a designer and even though they’ve got the capacity built in to eat, to eliminate waste, to reproduce and to propel themselves…Keep in mind what was going on in the world when evolution first took off and went into orbit. Louis Pasture was making some progress with very primitive microscopes.

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