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All we need to do is divide the height of the reef by the rate at which it grew.This calculation is rather like finding how long it would take to travel a certain distance.The corals, in turn, provide protection for the algae - a mutually supportive relationship that is called a .The algae produce the oxygen by photosynthesis, so they need sunlight.Admittedly, one may question whether the growth rate wasn't perhaps faster for this particular reef, but there are limits to how fast corals can grow.Growing biological systems obey strict physical and chemical laws relating to metabolism, reproduction, and intake of nutrients.The reefs are built by living organisms, primarily corals.The corals contain green algae in their interiors that provide oxygen the corals need to live.

Calcium carbonate, though, is rather insoluble, so there is not a large concentration of it in ocean water.

The most reasonable explanation for coral growth begins with a volcano.

Volcanoes can build themselves thousands of feet upward from the ocean floor, and some of them will grow tall enough to break through the surface of the water.

All of the pages within this page are linked-to in AGE OF THE EARTH - SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE where you can find longer pages with more in-depth treatments, and many additional resources about age-science.

This page, assembled by Craig Rusbult, is an "overflow" from a collection of pages with Examples of Old-Earth Evidence. Phillips Viewed from the air, Pacific coral reefs generally appear as circular islands called atolls.

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