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It announced that players of who verify their social club accounts will receive in-game currency for doing so.While this may not be a rule per se, it is something that helps Rockstar and aims to keep your account safer in the process.However, with a game as big and successful as Rockstar's latest open world adventure, the almost inevitable PC version already looks to be in good hands., Rockstar takes rule breaking extremely seriously. There have been rumors, leaks, and even support from upper management at Take-Two Interactive that the company would love to see the game ported for mouse-and-keyboard players in the long-term.A recent discovery in the developer's source code has more people further convinced a PC port of the Wild West adventure will eventually arrive.Social Club 2-Step Verification Bonus Everyone that adds 2-Step Verification to their Social Club account (and anyone who already has) will receive:• GTA0K in GTA Online• 10 Gold Bars in the Red Dead Online Beta Enable on your account at W0Tlcl OLD Jmw Ph DBh— Rockstar Games (@Rockstar Games) March 22, 2019 The two-step verification process is a relatively quick and easy one to undertake.

That might not sound like much, but considering that you're getting it for something you should really do anyway, and that takes a matter of minutes to complete, it's a pretty good deal.

Perhaps you're in the market for a new Drifter-style hat, or a fancy Charro jacket with brass buttons.

For the lady characters, you can snag a cool leather coat in a variety of colors.

The update is also adjusting the required rank levels for items.

All Rank 31 items are temporarily available to those at Rank 30, while all Rank 11-29 items have been temporarily lowered to Rank 10. As far as discounts go, you can get your hands on some reduced price weapons, including 25% off a Double Action Revolver or Springfield Rifle and half-off Hatchets and Cleavers. If you're a before August 2, you'll enjoy even more limited time offers, like a high-powered rifle, exclusive outfits, and a "How Dare You Emote." All of the aforementioned items are free and do not require a specific Rank to obtain them!

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