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Without her appearance, the police decided to assign him a watered-down charge of assault.He served only 34 months of this sentence before being released, after he showed psychologists evidence of his rehabilitation.The Police Department reached out to the public in an effort to identify the subjects of the photographs, and to determine if they might be unconfirmed victims of Alcala’s murder spree.

During that time, he murdered Ellen Jane Hover, the daughter of the owner of the famous Ciro’s nightclub.

Retried and reconvicted in 1986, his case was again thrown out by an appeals court in 2001 on a legal technicality.

As prosecutors prepared to retry the case a third time, they tested Alcala’s DNA against unsolved crimes and found four matches.

In addition to the seven murders for which he has been convicted, he is suspected of many more.

He remains a “person of interest” in a number of murder cases in California and Washington.

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