Scam ukrainian dating site

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In fact, you correspond with guys with men by foreigners who live in Ukraine and earn only those who write you all kinds of love letters.Just think that you confess your love and want to enter into an intimate relationship and ask for love from some guy who came from Nigeria or from Somalia and is sitting at night in some office in Kiev or Odessa and just before these letters are smiling at you and just getting for that money.

They pretend to be girls, sexually beautiful women, and of course they are in collusion with these women who don’t want to get married and the task gets their money for photos for videos for their data.Now there are a lot of dating sites that are very popular among foreigners and the United States of Canada, European Union countries and Australia.On these sites, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian women allegedly communicate with these foreigners in chat rooms, in correspondence via e-mail, and also sends them videos and receive gifts.You can see for yourself that these sites are really very popular by checking them through similarweb. You can spend 1000 dollars aphids 5000 dollars on such a correspondence and rodos for these guys.They give advertising and the sole purpose of these sites is to make money for communication between you and the employees of these companies. There are some Americans who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on conversations in chat rooms, correspondence with ettas allegedly by girls.

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