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You wanted to say 'relationship', but he never asked you out. But you feel your actions have qualified you to be his girlfriend, so on a second thought, you spit it out. With those words, you cannot even justify your heart break.

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That’s accompanied by a corresponding truth: There is nothing so great I can do to make God love me more.

To be sure, there is disagreement as to the nature of these values.

But pretty well all secular thinkers now take for granted that modern societies must in the end converge on some version of liberalism.

What Christ teaches me, if I let myself be taught, is that there is only one kind of judgment that matters.

I am saved not because of who I am or what I have done (or didn’t do), but simply because I have accepted the infinite grace that was always offered to me. According to the interview below, the article’s enthusiastic response has been a hugely pleasant surprise to its author.

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