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The work brings in an additional couple hundred euros each month, a large sum in Senegal.

"I see myself as a social entrepreneur," says Tobias Lorenz, the go-between who set up Iyanatou Houma's virtual side job.

With the introduction of Apple's i Phone 4, a new era began for Canal.

The new phone has a camera on the front side, above the screen, a set-up which allows him to make video calls even when his is away from his computer.

Video conversations held over computers and now mobile phones have become a part of daily life, transforming the Internet into a network that draws people closer.

The free Internet video service Skype alone has more than a half-billion registered users -- comparable with the social network Facebook.

Large corporations such as Apple, Microsoft and Google are all vying for customers for their video services.

Like Houma, Lorenz wears a headset, the global uniform of video calling professionals, as he waves into the camera from his office in cold, rainy Hamburg.

Lorenz is 29 and just completed a doctorate in philosophy. "I got the idea for an Internet language school in South America.

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