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Before sharing an email address, go create a new one at one of the free email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or others, and give That way, you can give them your "real" email address once they gain your trust, and if they violate your trust, you can simply discard it. It's quite possible, perhaps even likely, that you'll end up getting more spam as a result of sharing your email address with someone who you're not quite sure of.

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If a lot of information about you is public and you've just given your email address to a stalker - well, "privacy violation" doesn't seem like a strong enough statement. Fortunately, the news here is fairly good in that you are ultimately in control.

It should be pretty obvious that the Perverted Justice decoys who play the part of the young teenagers must actually do and say things that real kids are known for actually doing and saying online, because otherwise the online predators would "catch on" to them pretty quickly. If you have a question, start by using the search box up at the top of the page - there's a very good chance that your question has already been answered on Ask Leo! If you don't find your answer, head out to to ask your question.

What this means, in turn, is that many of the chatlogs available on the Perverted Justice website can make for very unnerving reading. And, could your own kids be among the "naughty" ones? ) I don't want to get too far off-topic here, nor rant too long, so let's just end this posting this way: an E-Mail address may be your least concern regarding the divulgement of information.

"Can a person get messages from one of these mobile dating things if someone doesn't sign up/or leave that particular cell number?

I had one from which transfers into a sex website (porn pics, etc.) and I never have been on one of these in my life! I am afraid my boyfriend is lying to me." My first reaction was to ask the reader for more information to clarify her situation.

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