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One member of online penpal forum Interpals wrote: “I know of the trend of women going to other countries looking basically for a younger man to have sex with, the female version of sex tourism. because some of the younger men there, for whatever reason, make them feel young and attractive again.” In response, another member wrote, “They sure aren’t picky, most of those women are well past their prime, late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s…all what they want is to have a man notice them and make them feel ‘feminine’ and desirable, the much younger Moroccan men are eager to oblige and shower them with attention and honeyed words.”“He tells me what all the things I want to hear, and I guess in return I pay for everything—meals, accommodation, transport, tours—and buy him gifts.This was really a poor African man who lived in a shack and had a miserable life and had to [expletive] women to make a living.”“Some men I knew suffered a degree of emotional hurt from being acted upon (and acting) as embodiments of European fantasies.One friend, for example, occasionally needed me to explain the amorous messages of white Europeans.

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Most often, the concept of sex tourism brings to mind abused women and children; this manifestation of sex tourism is undoubtedly a crucial issue demanding response.

But the practice dates back to at least 1900, and more than half a million women engaged in sex-based travel between 19.

A report published by the International Coalition for Responsible and Respectful Tourism indicates the resurgence of Morocco’s sex tourism industry.

He defines the practice as usually involving consumers from wealthier nations and prostitutes from poorer, less-developed counterparts.

The “First World” exploits the “Third World.” Sex tourism thrives in poverty.

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