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Cost is low living in the Fillippines, nice people too was my experiences visiting on vacation twice. Why anyone would make a decision to move to another country ( major life change ) without first visiting for a respectable amount of time , is ludicrous !!? It won't work for those intending on hustling for a living, taking advantage of vulnerable persons, or doing crimes.

I have visited many islands over 20 years and 24 vacations from 2 weeks to a month.

This is the place to retire if you have retirement income. for example, people here talking abotu having 3 aircons running all day. I am regulated by the PRC (professional regulation commission).

Not everyone needs that, and an aircon is a huge user of power, so the data can be significantly skewed. Locals don't want you there bc of rampant sex tourism, nightlife is going down the drain, girls are ugly and have adopted this fake western attitude. So many better places to choose compared to this dump. So, I am licensed to broker properties with developers and private owners anywhere in the Philippines.

As for me, I will be on a chair at the beach,feet in water- palm tree overhead, with an umbrella drink in my hand being entertained by my Filipino brothers and sisters. Like you I've traveled extensively actually around the world twice.

I am passionate, affectionate, sweet, caring, understanding, sincere, beautiful, good woman, have a sense of humor and a very loving woman.

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The U S and Fillippine governments warn about visa seekers from the Fillippines only because the U S and the Fillippines have been alies for many years.

Its one of the many agreements between the U S and Fillippines.

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